The Claire Wizard Thesis






Jacob Lewis

Jacob is the director of the film and a genius. Jacob's interests include: making films and being the greatest filmmaker of his generation. He plans on taking Hollywood by storm and earning 250 million dollars off The Claire Wizard Thesis. A sequel titled Claire Wizard is also in the works.


Lucy Crew

Lucy is handling all the production roles on The Claire Wizard Thesis. Lucy's interests include: helping Jacob with whatever he may need on set as well as sound. She is a huge fan of sound and anything sound related. She hopes to get as much experience as possible on set as a soundie, if you need her for anything sound related please contact her via her email:

Claudia Stewart

Claudia is the pro-bono make-up artist for the film and a cousin to Jacob and David Lewis. Claudia's interests include: make-up, she plans on making a career out of it, and she also follows reality TV shows and celebrity culture. A BIG fan of Sophie Anderson. 

David Lewis

David is doing the behind the scenes footage for The Claire Wizard Thesis. David's interests include: medicine, helping friends and family when he has time to spare, he is planning on opening his own clinic within the next year.




Sophie Anderson

Sophie is a television soap star who is absolutely gorgeous as she is so very talented. Sophie's interests include: herself. 

Diego Acosta

Diego is a French model from France who is fresh off the plane and onto the film set. He became a very popular model following his plastic surgery, weight loss, and his discovery of photoshop. Diego's interests include: fashion, his dog Hugo, and posting photos of himself on Instagram.

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Samuel Weaver

Samuel is a friend of Jacob who is currently unemployed and has some spare time to kill. Therefore, he is perfect to play the third lead role in the film. Samuel's interests include: cannabis, weed, marijuana, ganja, and pot. He's also interested in Mary Jane, which is a flat, round-toed shoe for women and girls, with a single strap across the top.

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The Extra

No one knows why The Extra gets a mention, but he does. The Extra's interests include: performing arts. He has done quite a bit of theatrical work and enjoys the process of really delving into a character. This is his first experience in film, and he is very excited to work with Jacob Lewis as "random passerby in forest".





Ronny has no affiliation with the film or its production whatsoever. Ronny's interests include: visiting his children and taking time for himself. After his wife's tragic passing, he has fallen onto hard times. He is a friendly character who endeavours to see the best in all those around him. He lives by the saying "do good to everyone around you, as you don’t know what they may be going through.”